Touch Typing

Typing Master
Typing Master, Inc.
This program was designed for people who wish to test or improve their typing skills. The application allows...
...test or improve their typing skills. The application ...you access to various types of activities and...
Rapid Typing
RapidTyping Software
RapidTyping is an easy-to-use keyboard trainer that will help you improve your typing speed and reduce typos...
...your way through the typing lessons. You can ...looking at charts. Typing Tutor tracks your progress...
Kiran's Typing Tutor
Kiran Reddy
Kiran’s Typing Tutor is a handy program that can help us improve our typing speed and accuracy...
...is based upon Touch Typing, a scientifically-designed ...in different levels, typing tests, and...
JR Hindi English Typing Tutor
JR Infotech Services
This program lets you learn and practice typing in Hindi and/or English...
...in different customizable typing tests in ...3 sections: Learn typing, Type test and Type test B and C...
KP Typing Tutor
Fonlow IT
KP typing tutor is an easy-to-use yet effective typing tutor program which reduces the tediousness of learning how to type...
...where the user types out words floating ...suitable mainly for regular typing exercises, to maintain...
Learn Typing Quick & Easy
Individual Software Incorporated
Learn Typing Quick & Easy is, as the name implies, a software program that helps users...
...material. In conclusion, Learn Typing Quick & Easy i ...or upgrading your typing skills. Ye...
Hindi Typing Tutor
Smart Typing Solution
This program teaches you how to quick-type in this language using a standard keyboard...
...through learning how to type in Hindi language. The ...to teach how to type. Its main distinctive...
Alice Touch Typing Tutor
Can's Lab Software
This application teaches you how to use the keyboard and type faster...
...using a computer and typing incredibly fast. To ...that level. Alice Touch Typing Tutor can considerably...
GS Typing Tutor
Grass Software
GS Typing Tutor is a comprehensive application that includes all the necessary tools to improve your typing speed...
...touch type by offering you effective typing lessons, entertaining typing ...to practice touch...
TypeFaster Typing Tutor
Analytical Eye Software
Typing Tutor is a simple, but effective piece of software which teaches keyboard...
...typing tutor teaches you how to touch-type. Once you can touch-type ...you want...
JR Punjabi English Typing Tutor
JR Infotech Services
JR Punjabi English Typing tutor is a program that provides the easiest and quickest way of learning...
...way of learning touch typing. The program i ...according to government typing tests, it contains...
Typing Instructor for Kids
Individual Software
This award-winning typing program is educational, entertaining, and motivating...
This award-winning typing program is educational, entertaining...
Touch Typing Deluxe
Vinarski IT Services
Touch Typing Deluxe allows you to use your keyboard appropriately. It has two options...
Touch Typing Deluxe is a great ...first option is "Practice touch typing", which includes different...
Typing Tournament
A powerful typing tutor for children and adults of all ages...
...good posture and typing habits - Include ...packed typing games and a progress test - Touch typing...
Shetef Solutions LTD.
Touch-Typing is a typing tutor SHAREWARE windows utility which teaches you...
...hours trying to learn touch typing. Touch-Typing enables you to advance...

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